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Metal Detectorist's Code of Ethics

I WILL respect private property and do no metal detecting without the owner's permission.
I WILL fill all holes and excavations.
I WILL appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife and private property.
I WILL use thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy at all times.
I WILL leave gates as found.
I WILL remove and properly dispose of any trash that I find.
I WILL NOT litter.
I WILL NOT destroy property, buildings or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures.
I WILL NOT tamper with signs, structural facilities or equipment.

Attention Texas Farmers

My small group of metal detectorists off my website is interested in hunting your farm land. We can offer you a "per head" fee to metal detect your farm land. This would be done in between crop seasons. In return we will haul off any trash that we find; Wire, cans, pull tabs, bottles etc. We will always cover all holes that we dig and respect your land. If you are interested please contact me for further details.
We will also split up finds.

Attention Texas Homeowners

Do you have a home that was built before 1960? Did you know you have silver in your yard? Allow me to come hunt your yard and we can split the finds. You might even have jewelry in it. On average I find 2 to 3 silver coins and at least one piece of jewelry in every yard I metal detect. Contact me today to schedule a hunt.

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